Pashley Britannia


Pashley Britannia


Few bicycles epitomise the romance of cycling like the glorious Britannia. Its graceful looks, striking colour options and stylish front-mounted wicker basket are sure to turn heads as you glide serenely along city streets and country lanes. The Britannia truly rules the cycleways.

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Size guide

Frame Sizing


Most Pashley bicycles are available in a range of frame sizes. To ensure the best fit to your body and riding style, we strongly recommend that you test ride before you buy.

As a general rule: if you're under 5'7" (170cm) in height, a small frame is for you. If you're between 5'7" and 5'11" (170cm - 180cm) try a medium frame. And if you're taller than 5'11" (180cm) we recommend a large frame.

The Clubman, Briton and Countryman offer an extra large frame option. 

The table below shows the available sizes (with frame measurement in inches) of the Pashley bicycles available from Blackwell and Sons. 

Princess / Britannia / Sonnet / Poppy:
 (17.5”)       Medium (20")       Large (22.5”)

Guv’nor / Speed 5 / Roadster:
 (20.5”)       Medium (22.5”)       Large (24.5”) (double top-tube frame)

Clubman / Briton / Countryman:
 (20”)       Medium (21.5”)       Large (23”)      Extra Large (24.5”)

 (18”)       Medium (20”)       Large (22”)

Parabike / Penny / Tube Rider:
One size only (19”)

Small (15”)       Medium (17")

In true British fashion, the Britannia is suited to all sorts of weather, with the chainguard and mudguards keeping you clean and looking your best, whilst the reliable hub brakes and gears are effective no matter what the conditions.

Based upon a model produced by Pashley from their very earliest days in the 1920s, the curved frame is coupled with a classic sweeping handlebar to give you an elegant upright seated position that lets you glide along through the countryside in comfort. This comfort is enhanced by the inclusion of a hand-made Brooks B66S saddle which gradually shapes to your form to become a truly customised and supportive seat.

A front dynamo headlamp completes this luxurious lineup, never needing batteries to keep you safe at night.


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Royal Red, Old English White or Midnight Blue. Also currently available in Greytown Green.


Sturmey Archer 5 speed C50 hub gear with thumb shifter control.
Traditionally lugged and brazed hand-crafted steel frame.
Tubular crown, hand brazed.
Honey brown Brooks B66s natural leather saddle with twin coil springs.
Chrome plated raised bar on alloy and stainless steel stem.
All-weather, low-maintenance front and rear hub brakes.
26" polished alloy rims with stainless steel spokes (22" frame has 28" rims).
26x1 3/8" Cream Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres (22" frame has 28 x 1/2" tyres) with Kevlar Guard belt puncture protection and reflective side walls.
Classic profile steel guards with hand-applied silver lining.
Alloy body with non-slip rubber inserts.
Traditional slender chromed steel cranks.
Protective chainguard, large ding-dong bell, wicker basket, classic hub-dynamo headlamp, LED rear light, propstand, hand-made leather grips, frame-fitted pump.
Small (17.5"), Medium (20") or Large (22")


As well as the large front wicker basket and Brooks leather saddle, the Britannia features Pashley’s British hand-made leather grips, for a little added luxury.


Along with an alloy propstand for ease of parking, a fully fitted lighting set offers added safety with a dynamo operated headlamp and a high visibility mudguard mounted rear light.


  1. Classic step-over frame design with elegant upright riding position: An easy to mount/dismount frame with comfortable upright riding position that allows you a good view of other road users and the scenery, and the added bonus of encouraging a healthy posture. The frame has been hand-built using 100 year old traditional methods - with tubing hand-brazed into lugs - for the attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess.
  2. Hand-crafted leather grips: Hand-stitched by English craftsmen, these grips are made from the finest  aniline bridle leather, that is durable yet supple, and finished with highly-polished stainless steel end caps. A little added luxury!
  3. Large 'ding-dong' bell: lovely and loud, announce your arrival with Pashley’s splendid ‘ding-dong’ bell.
  4. 5 or 8 speed hub gears: With an easy-shift gear lever, they allow you to tackle hills and glide along gracefully on flatter terrain with ease. Fully enclosed gear system that requires minimal maintenance.
  5. Classic wicker basket: this iconic basket sits elegantly on the front of your bicycle and is just the right size for your daily food shop, picnics or even a small dog!
  6. Classic front lamp and rear LED light: a fully-fitted lighting set offers added safety with a dynamo powered classic headlamp - no batteries needed - and a high-visibility rear LED light.
  7. Low maintenance hub brakes and gears: enclosed and sealed from all weathers, hub brakes and gears are long-lasting and robust and provide excellent stopping power come rain or shine.
  8. Traditional style mudguards: with beautiful hand-applied silver-line detail, they protect you from unsightly mud splashes, providing all-weather practicality.
  9. Traditional Brooks B67s sprung leather saddle: Classically sprung for supreme comfort this saddle is ideal for daily city or touring use in an upright riding posture. The leather allows the saddle to breathe and form to your shape over time becoming uniquely comfortable. With handy rear luggage loops.
  10. Classic frame-fitted pump: a traditional design in highly polished chrome, it fits securely to the cycle frame via integrated pump-pegs; easily at-hand when your tyres need an extra top-up of air.
  11. Reflectors for added visibility: front, rear, pedal and tyre reflectors all help to keep you safer on the road at night.
  12. Easy-to-park propstand: a sturdy ‘kick-down’ propstand allows you to stand your bicycle upright with ease.
  13. Protective chainguard: a streamlined chainguard that protects you from greasy oil marks, and helps prevent your attire from catching in the chain.
  14. Classic cream tyres with puncture protection and reflective side-walls: With robust, densely-woven carcasses that offer great puncture resistance, but using a fabric that needs less rubber coating and thus has a reduced weight. An inner Kevlar Guard belt provides additional puncture protection and a reflective band around the circumference of the tyre walls provide extra visibility after darkness.