Mr Adam Blackwell

Mr Blackwell is the visionary behind Blackwell and Sons, and its commercial and creative driving force. He is a specialist in brand development and execution, and runs his own advertising agency, Stun, which services clients throughout the US and Europe.

About as politically correct as whale-hunting, Mr Blackwell loves to take on non-sensical, charge-by-the-hour bureaucracy, especially if it stands in the way of a certain theatricality he delights in bringing to all of his endeavours. He is renowned for his creative flair, decisiveness and sparkling wit, but not so much his athletic prowess.

Mr Blackwell’s litmus test for commercial and creative decision-making is whether his mother will be offended. Regular clips around the ear are the price he pays for pushing the envelope too far.

Quote: “They can take me to court. I just won’t show up.”


Mr Shane Kelly
General Manager

Mr Kelly is the kind of person you want around following a natural disaster. While his colleagues could prepare a pretty effective press release about what was happening, Mr Kelly possesses the kind of skills that would actually help society to recover.

His practicality is put to perfect use as Blackwell and Sons’ front man, heavy lifter and all-round go-to guy. Mr Kelly assembles, sells, delivers and maintains bicycles, manages stock inventory, runs the Greytown emporium and dazzles customers with his sparkling service. He takes calls at all hours of the day and night, drives the length and breadth of the country on official business, and knows everything worth knowing about Pashley’s two-wheeled masterpieces.

If you ask nicely, he might even fillet some cod for you on his days off. Oh, but Friday is pie day. Don’t ever get in the way of that.

Quote: “Sorry ladies. Taken.”


Mr Colin Barkus
Communications and Marketing Manager

Mr Barkus learned at an early age that his physique was never going to impress anyone, so focused instead on developing a vocabulary and turn of phrase that would scare all but the most determined detractors from his door.

Over many years, Mr Barkus has applied his wordsmithing skills to a range of corporate communications roles. However, he recently tired of sitting in meetings about meetings and issuing assurances about the robustness of systems and processes, and sought new challenges.

Mr Barkus has known Mr Blackwell for decades and possesses so much dirt on him that bribing his way into a job was a doddle. He now prepares website content, blogs, posts, e-newsletters, campaigns, advertisements and magazine articles, and utilises his sharpening photography skills, to help sell delicious Pashley bicycles and cycling lifestyle merchandise.

Quote: “I am standing up.”


Mrs Millie Blackwell
Merchandising Manager

Mrs Blackwell possesses exceptional taste (especially, according to Mr Blackwell, in gentlemen) and delights in travelling the world to identify, road-test and establish the provenance of luxury items to grace the Blackwell and Sons’ shelves. She also manages a precocious tech start-up firm called Showcase Workshop, converts disused (but freshly cleaned) socks into popular soft toys of a primatial nature, and cooks a mean lasagne.  

Mrs Blackwell spends much of her spare time curbing the enthusiasm of her husband, whose creative juices have a tendency to flood the Plains of Practicality with unconstrained abandon.  She is a self-professed collector, curator, potterer and home girl and, given the opportunity, could craft a functioning spaceship out of wool, some bubble wrap and a few Velcro dots.

Quote: “That’s nice dear, but…”