Pssst! A Pashley for a Song. Pass it On…

Pashley Clearance Graphic.jpg

Look. You really weren’t supposed to know. But someone spilled the beans, so you may as well spread the word. There’s a way you can own a brand-new Pashley bicycle for a fraction of the usual price. But as my mother used to say (usually in relation to pastry-encased morsels): when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pashley’s designers and engineers in the UK are continuously working to enhance their two-wheeled works of art – either with new models, or next-generation improvements to the componentry of their best-known and loved classics.

That means, occasionally, we hold a very small quantity of discontinued lines or earlier models. And you, dear Pashley fan, are given the opportunity to secure one at a heavily reduced price.

Let’s be clear (ooh, did that sound a bit like a politician? Sorry). These are brand-new bicycles that combine Pashley’s exquisite artistry and engineering genius into masterpieces that will serve you for a lifetime. And your children. And their children.

It’s just that we won’t be reordering these particular lines. Some might say that makes them collector’s items.

All discounted models come with a full warranty, and parts will continue to be available in the unlikely event that repair or replacement are required in the future.

There are Britannias and Poppys and Rubys and Pennys and Princesses (that sentence was a grammar-checker’s nightmare). But they’re in very limited numbers, and only selected colour/size combinations are available.

So go here. Now. There’s very little funny stuff left to read here, so get in there.

Oh, and we’ll deliver free of charge anywhere in New Zealand. Pass that on too. Or you may want to keep it to yourself.