Weather no good? Weathergoods. Sorted.


There’s colour in the gardens, a lengthening dawn and dusk, and unrelenting, cacophonous sneezing in the Blackwell abode. Spring is advancing. Traditionally that means better cycling weather is almost upon us, but in this blustery little country of ours there are no guarantees. No problem. We’ve got Weathergoods.

Swedes and Kiwis have a lot in common. Um, actually, now that I think about it, not that much. High taxes. A love of meatballs, perhaps. And a commendable grasp of the English language. What’s certain, though, is that we both live in countries blessed with natural beauty and bounty just waiting to be explored by bicycle, but cursed by notoriously unreliable weather.

The Swedish are an enterprising bunch, and so rather than sitting inside rubbing their smorgasbord-filled bellies and moaning about the weather, they set about creating a range of cycling apparel and accessories that thumbs its nose at chill and dampness… and in a sensationally stylish way.

You’ve seen it here before. It’s called Weathergoods and it’s classy stuff. Rain ponchos. Pogies. Reversible seat covers. And, of course, the incomparable urban tote.

Here’s the thing. Over the coming weeks we’re having a bit of a reorganisation at Blackwell and Sons central. We’ve got a container-load of spectacular new products arriving in time for the warmer (hopefully) months, so our merchandise designed for the drearier time of year is temporarily making way.

But you can still get it here online. In fact, you can get some items at “are you sure that’s not a rather embarrassing, profit-chewing, receiver-summoning mistake?” prices. Just keep your eye on the homepage of our website, just below the main image gallery, for our weekly end-of-season specials. Or you can use the links above to check out what’s what.

Oh, and a distaste for war. We both eschew bombing other countries because some egomaniac says we should. Reassuring.