But wait...


Remember when we used to save for the things we really wanted? Credit cards, finance offers and cheap imitations make instant gratification very easy, but there’s a deep sense of accomplishment that comes with working, bit-by-bit, towards a desired goal.

Everything about 21st century life implores us to act now: Buy now, pay later! Grab this cheap, mass-produced imitation because the real thing is probably out of reach right now. Respond to that phone alert immediately – no matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with – just in case it’s the most important Tweet ever written. Get a tattoo, lest your beautiful unblemished skin labels you unfashionable amongst your peers…

Oops. A couple of high horses wandered by and I hopped on. Very sorry.

Patience used to be virtue, but today it seems it’s as undesirable as gravy in your pudding.

Cast your mind back to a quieter age. Remember when we had our little Post Office Savings Bank books at school, into which we diligently added our 50 cents or dollar a week? That was when $20 felt like a fortune.

Wasn’t it a thrill watching those numbers grow – dollar by dollar, week by week – towards a figure that would get us something really worthwhile and rewarding?

We love looking after our customers who opt for a layby arrangement for their Pashley purchase. If a layby is started soon, you could be riding a Pashley this Christmas for just over $10 a day. And we’ll reward you with a bonus $100 Blackwell and Sons Gift Card when we deliver your Pashley.

A Pashley for Christmas. But wait… that really is more.