Because she’s mum

She delivered a miracle. You. She patched up a hundred skinned knees and mopped a hundred fevered brows. She picked up the pieces of your broken heart and wove them together again with wisdom, tenderness and understanding. She’s still doing it. She deserves more than a lottery ticket, don’t you think?

If anyone ever deserved a bit of spoiling, it’s mum. She’s the reason you are who you are and you do what you do. She’s never stopped caring, and never will.

At Blackwell and Sons, we’re celebrating the hero that is mum.  Spoil her this Mother’s Day with a hand-built Pashley Princess Sovereign bicycle and we’ll add a bottle of Blackwell and Sons wine from Mr Blackwell’s private cellar, and some exquisite Greytown Schoc Chocolate. And we’ll deliver it all to mum for free.

The Princess Sovereign is the quintessential town and country bicycle, with timeless looks crafted using the finest modern componentry. Available in Buckingham Black or Regency Green and supplied with a stylish wicker basket, the Princess offers an unrivalled cycling experience that will stand the test of time.

The wine and chocolates might not last long, but the Pashley is forever … just like mum.

Come and see us in our Greytown emporium, or contact us and tell us it’s for mum, and the deal is yours!