Low-intensity cycling: the miracle pill

The scientists have spoken. Slow-motion cycling counters the effects of aging and overindulgence, while boosting the immune system. And gentlemen, it even maintains vigour in your manly bits.

Researchers in the UK recently carried out tests on 125 amateur cyclists aged between 55 and 79, and on a group of healthy adults of wide-ranging ages who preferred a lie in to a workout.

They compared results and found that the cyclists preserved muscle mass and strength with age, while maintaining stable levels of body fat and cholesterol. In men, testosterone levels remained buoyant well into later life.

The anti-aging effects of cycling also appeared to extend to the immune system.

Many other studies show similar results. A study published in the BMJ found that regular cycling cut the risk of death from all causes by more than 40% and cut the risk of cancer and heart disease by 45%.

Experts also believe cycling boosts riders’ mental health. Multiple studies show that those who commute by bike are less prone to depression than those who travel by other means.

What’s more, the research shows that lower-intensity cyclists are less susceptible to premature death than high-intensity or professional pedallers.

If only there was a purveyor of stylish, high-quality bicycles tailor-made for urban commuting and other low-intensity exploring…