Rear-guard action

Okay. Cycling and comfort de la derriere aren’t exactly traditional bedfellows. But at Blackwell and Sons we’re setting that idea on its posterior. We’ve, er, cracked it.

Each of our exquisite hand-built Pashley bicycles is fitted with a world-famous Brooks saddle made from high-grade leather that softens and moulds to the unique landscape of your nether region. Customised caboose comfort increases with every journey you make.  

We’re also exploring a widely-held hypothesis that a Brooks saddle will actually make a lady’s beam appear less broad*. The science is still incomplete, but our researchers are currently working their tails off in pursuit of evidence.

Butt wait, there’s more.

We’ve been chatting to our friends at WEATHERGOODS in Sweden, makers of the extraordinary Imbris rain poncho, urban tote and cycling pogies, and they mentioned a new product guaranteed to gladden the cheeks of cyclists around New Zealand.  

Introducing the delicious WEATHERGOODS reversible seat cover. One side is warm and cosy for those cold morning rides, while the other is water-resistant for that liberating ride when it’s wet. The weather need never again deter you from getting off your rump and onto your, well, rump.

The cover fits most saddles sizes and is easy to attach using the elasticated seam. To change from the warm to water-resistant side, simply pull the cover off, turn it over, and reapply.

Let’s be honest, a warm, dry and comfortable bottom is one of life’s basic necessities. At Blackwell and Sons, helping you out in this regard is an absolute blast.

* Proponents of this hypothesis may have been drunk at the time. No animals or small children were seriously harmed during initial experimentation.