Romance is better with a little electricity

So, you’ve found yourself a lovely person. Chemicals are flowing, synapses are sparking, and you’re gaga. Right now, you want to be the best version of you possible. And that means getting there on time, and with a little more energy in reserve. Go electric-assist!

In response to incredible customer demand, we’ve searched the world for an e-bike that suits our challenging mix of urban streets and country roads, cycle trails, up-and-down landscapes, and occasionally blustery weather. We found the bike … and then decided to go one step further. We’ve given it a makeover and name that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Introducing the exclusive Blackwell and Sons Village Cruiser – your ticket to effortless, stylish, eco-friendly riding – whether it’s into the sunset with your loved one, or into town for a Chai Latte.   

The Village Cruiser is safe and easy to ride. Simply switch on the console, set your desired power level, and start pedalling. As soon as your feet move, the motor comes to life – and will continue to boost your ride until you stop pedalling. It’s as easy as that.

You can change power levels at any time to suit your timetable, the terrain and the weather. And if you need to pull up in a hurry, just stop pedalling and apply the brakes as normal. The motor won’t operate unless you’re turning the pedals.

The Village Cruiser’s range on a single battery charge is about 50km, so long-distance romance is a breeze. And if you want to impress your lovely person with beautifully sculpted quads, just switch off the electric-assist function and power the bike the old-fashioned way.

If only love was that uncomplicated.  

You can pre-order your Blackwell & Sons Village Cruiser now by emailing Shane or visiting our Greytown emporium. We’ve negotiated and re-negotiated to keep the price under $2000, and if you put your name down now your Village Cruiser will be delivered to your door when our stock arrives in Spring.