Seasons pass, Pashley owners ride on

Well, there goes another summer.

It was one to remember, wasn’t it? Day after day of glorious heat and humidity. Slow Motion became a survival technique, as much as a lifestyle aspiration.

I love the passing seasons. Something about the subtly changing weather and landscapes fills me with youthful vitality. Sure, passing seasons also mark passing time, which (with a little help from Shoc) is irrevocably sculpting my body into the shape of a wheelie bin. And Mrs Blackwell has to conduct nightly ear-hair checks to ensure I don’t scare customers in the morning. But we’re all heading down that particular cycle path together.

Your Pashley doesn’t mind the changing seasons either. Supremely handcrafted in sturdy high-tensile steel, with double-walled tyres and Brooks leather saddle and handle bar grips, it considers a little chill and dampness in the air mere fripperies.  Your Pashley will look good and perform superbly in almost any weather, for seasons to come.

And now the same can be said for you! We’re excited to announce our new range of Swedish WEATHERGOODS cycling apparel, available exclusively from our online store or Greytown emporium.

The Swedish know a little bit about chilly weather (along with social cohesion and pop music), so we’re thrilled to be able to bring you the elegantly functional WEATHERGOODS range of rain ponchos, pogies (they’re cycling gloves – I had to look it up too) and totes. Layering against the elements never looked so good.

So, embrace autumn! Grab your Pashley, your WEATHERGOODS gear, a thermos full of minestrone, a Knockando Woolmill throw and a lovely person, and go find a quiet piece of nature to appreciate.

Pretty soon autumn isn’t the only thing you’ll be embracing.