It must be love. Greytown is the most Pashley populated town, ever.

It's official! There are more Pashley bicycles being enjoyed around Greytown's picturesque streets and quiet lanes than any other community in the world (based on Pashley bicycles sold / population). I double-checked it with Pashley in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  And we did it in just over two years. 

While it is obvious to us that Greytown is a Pashley-perfect destination, with our lovely wide  roads and flat terrain, our beautiful weather and quite possibly the best looking  bicycle riders the world has ever seen, Millie and I honestly thought Wellington would be our main source of customers. 

But we know that Pashley popularity runs deeper than just market size and spending power. It's based on love. Can you really love a bicycle? Sure. Especially if you understand and appreciate what it represents and most importantly, why it feels like a natural extension of who you are. Is this marketing mumbo-jumbo? I don't think so. If you have an iPhone, you probably love Apple and would never switch to Android. If you love Bose, you're a convert for life. Ford or Holden? Some people love Star Wars and feel almost dedicated to it. Um. Yes. I'm one of them.

I'll go out there and state with complete conviction that I believe Greytownians love life. How couldn't you, when you live in New Zealand's most beautiful small town? We love our pace of living, we love our sense of community, our trees, our buildings and we love the township that we have inherited from those that built it.  And when you love your town, being in it and enjoying every moment you live here is enhanced even further when you see it, smell it, hear it and breathe it from the comfort of a hand-made, high quality bicycle. A bicycle that you chose because it's beautiful, functional and fits your riding style perfectly. 

Millie, Shane, Daryl and I are proud to be the Pashley people in New Zealand and we're thrilled that Greytown Pashley owners ride their bicycles with pride. To all of our local customers, thanks for making Greytown Pashley's number one in the world.