The gift of choice

Gift Card Perfection graphic.JPG

Choice. It’s what makes a good political system, supermarket and love life. Woops, was that last one out loud? It’s also the essence of a great gift. When you’re shopping for someone you love and happen upon an emporium of wowness, where do you begin? Easy. A gift card opens up the entire gamut of options for the recipient. Cue squeals of appreciation.

As we hurtle headlong towards another Christmas, the Blackwell and Sons product range is expanding like a suckling piglet. Day by day, our online store boasts fresh delights designed to astonish and enchant.

So much high-quality choice can be overwhelming enough when shopping for ourselves, but when it’s time to score a gift for someone we love, the stress can be bottom-tightening.

We don’t like to witness stress-induced bottom-tightening, so we’ve done something about it. Introducing the Blackwell and Sons digital gift card – the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere, and on any occasion. And you don’t even need to risk life-threatening paper cuts by stuffing it in an envelope.

Select from handy values of $50, $100, $250 or $500, then complete the simple online transaction. A unique gift card code is generated, which you can then email off to the recipient (or yourself for that matter) along with a lovingly crafted personal message.

The recipient simply enters the code at checkout to subtract the card value from their Blackwell and Sons online order total. The card can be used for part or full payment. Any remaining balance will be available for later use, and never expires.

If you’re a fan of stuff you can actually touch and you can find your way to Greytown (and why wouldn’t you?), we’ve got the old-fashioned stick-it-in-your-wallet kind of gift card too. We tried shoving them in various slots in our computers, but it seems they can’t be used for online shopping.  That’s a great reason to visit us in store, so we’ll see you soon.

Pretty choice, eh?