Ladies, please do not read this post. Move on.

Gentlemen? Pay attention. Your wife loves it when you invest in your relationship. I happen to know this with emphatic conviction. No matter what stage your relationship is at, there are some fundamental truths that apply to enhancing her perception of your love and commitment, so listen up.

1. Flowers are important. Don't wait for her birthday or Valentines Day. You'll make more impact with spontaneous flower-giving when she least expects it.

2. Regular Dates are very important. Don't programme them on the third Saturday of every month, or they'll start to feel routine. Just spring them on her with 24 to 48 hours notice. "I can't wait to take you on a date. Let's go out on Thursday." Your ROI with this approach will be spectacular. Oh, and don't bring your kids on the date.   

3. Gifts are critical and you can munt it easily if you buy Cadbury Roses that you end up scoffing half of, or some hideous earrings on sale that you reckon 'should do the trick.' She's not superficial and can't be won with something you grabbed from the servo on the way home.

A bicycle is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. It's an investment in demonstrating you see her as the most important person in your life. The right bicycle complements her sense of fashion and style. It encourages exercise, which preserves her beauty and vitality (That's a win for you, my friend). And it shows you care about the planet and sustainable transportation, you passionate eco-warrior, you.

This Valentines Day, give her a Pashley bicycle that she'll fall in love with. Then she'll fall deeply in love with you all over again.