Tips for looking insta-ready on your summer rides

Millie and Adam Blackwell on their private driveway at their home, Rosewood, in Greytown. Millie is riding her Royal Red Britannia and Adam is on a Pashley Roadster Sovereign. 

Let's be honest ladies, part of the reason we love our Pashleys so much is that we just look so good riding them. Seated in an elegant, upright position while wearing our pretty frocks, who can blame us for doing a double-take as we pass by the reflective windows of the local shops and cafes?

But with the recent heat wave in the Wairarapa, I've come home from a few rides looking not quite as Insta-ready in the mirror as I did in my own head. 

I've come up with a few tricks to keep all the working parts of my hair, make-up, and outfit in good order and Mr Blackwell asked me to share them with you for the blog. 

So here goes:

  • Pressed powder - A few sweeps of pressed powder over top of your foundation goes a long way to preserving your makeup base at any time of the year, but especially in summer. I like this one as it has just a little color in it and I can use it for a touch up if Mr Blackwell takes me out for an impromptu date at The White Swan after work. 
  • Hair oil - if you have hair like mine that's prone or drying easily in the heat, I've found that a pump of hair oil after I've finished styling will keep my hair smooth all day and stop it from going frizzy or drying too much on a ride. I know there are lots of fancy varieties on the market, but I've found this one (available from Fresh Choice, or your local supermarket) to be as good as any of the higher priced options I've tried. 
  • Natural fibers: This is the time of year to banish your polyester and nylon garments; that's all your layers - including your undergarments - ladies! Stay fresh for miles, with layers of linen, cotton, viscose, silk and bamboo. 
  • Baskets: Even a small handbag can leave an unsightly damp patch on your outfit after a ride in the sun, let alone a full sized backpack. Trade them for bike baskets and you'll keep your outfit looking neat and tidy all day. Blackwell & Sons have a super range for the front or back of your bike. 
  • Pocket mirror: I keep a little backup mirror in the Brooks Leather Toolbag that sits just behind my saddle in case of emergency. Sometimes I use my bike to scoot to a meeting during the day and want to do a quick hair, lipstick, and tooth check before you head into a meeting or a coffee date.

I hope these tips help keep you looking fabulous on your summer rides. Don't forget to tag us @blackwellandsons so we can share the joy.