Shane Kelly; all round good bloke

Finding good people who understand your vision and have the instinct and attitude to bring it to life is a challenge for any business. Earlier this year, I realised that I needed to bring someone into the business who would be able to do just that. Not just 'work in the shop' but actually provide personality, initiative and a dedication to ensuring that our service and reputation is built on with every customer interaction we have.

Shane replied to a job ad we posted and popped into the shop for an interview, which continued over dinner and a beverage at nearby restaurant Salute (with wives present). In our quiet village (population: tiny), we found the perfect GM. Not only is Shane mechanically adept, but he has a warm, genuinely likeable personality and a great service ethic. He loves matching up the right bicycle to the right customer and gets a kick out of delivering their purchase right to their door. So far, so good. Let me add a few other things to the capabilities tick box: He's tidy. He knows how to use Social Media. He researches new products up the wazoo to make sure they pass the Blackwell and Sons quality test before they can go on sale in our shop. Odd thing that we're willing to overlook: He wears shorts 365 days a year. Even in the dead of a freezing Greytown winter. But he does wear a jacket with those shorts.

Shane is the face you'll probably encounter at our Greytown store and he'll look after your purchase and delivery at every step. He is contracted to Blackwell and Sons until he physically expires, so other bicycle stores can give up right now if they think he's in the market for a change.