Bicycles still create Christmas magic

Long established as the cliched gifts of Christmas past, bicycles have now been surpassed by Star Wars fighter drones, voice-recognition tech and this year, interactive finger-grasping monkey robots, on most kid's gift lists. But I've been around long enough to know that everything is cyclable, including cycles.

What's interesting is that the child's 'first bike' used to be a trike (aged 2 or 3) which progressed to a small bike (aged 7 or 8) which progressed to a school bike (aged 11 or 12). Many of today's families skip the trike phase and jump straight to two wheeled units without pedals which embrace a child's fast learned sense of balance and gets them mobile and faster, sooner. 

But even more interesting is the rediscovery of cycling as adults. I can't really remember any of my aunts and uncles cycling in the 1970s, 80s or 90s; bikes seemed to be the domain of wiry older gentlemen who had been cycling athletes in their youth. Today, that's changing rapidly and the reason is largely based on people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and the more mature choosing to be active and healthy. They're not training for competition or travelling vast distances. They simply want to move. The more they move, the better they feel. 

Our Pashley bicycles are perfect for movers. Self propulsion is one thing, but doing it in style takes it to a whole new level! Not everyone wants (or has the budget) for a Tesla, but a lot of us would love a Bentley or a Jaguar. Our British Pashley designs and components not only embody the classic beauty of another age, they embrace modern engineering designed to make a Pashley bicycle long lasting and low in maintenance. 

Your husband or wife will rediscover their inner child this Christmas if they find a Pashley alongside the tree on the big day. We can help you make it a surprise by getting it to an address close to your house, or your workplace (if that helps keep it a secret!).

Giving a Pashley will help you recreate the Christmas magic we all remember.  "Look! A new bicycle!". Cue a volley of kisses.