It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have no idea why some people get all fired up and declare their dislike for Christmas; their snarly grinchyness somehow indicating they have evolved to a higher plane. Not us! Millie and I love Christmas and it is a joyful time to be involved with a product that brings so much happiness to both the gifter and the giftee. Christmas is pretty much how Blackwell and Sons began.

Millie has always admired classic hand made items and when I saw a Pashley Royal Red Britannia parked outside a ye olde pub in London several years ago, I knew THAT was the gift Millie would discover under the tree, or alongside it, the coming Christmas. The day dawned, my love awoke, I quickly made her a coffee before she morphed into something evil, she popped downstairs and the joyous shrieking began upon discovery of her very own Britannia. Within an hour, she was riding around Oriental Parade while I jogged behind, pretending I was relatively fit. 

For the next few months, wherever Millie went on her new British steed, the cameras came out. People were transfixed by the bicycle that looked like it could have been produced in the 1930s but was clearly sparkling new. 

And that triggered a vague but inspired thought. When we moved to Greytown in 2013, the concept of a quality bicycle store in New Zealand's prettiest Victorian village was conceived. Two years later, we opened the doors at our wonderful shop.

Blackwell and Sons is looking beautiful right now. Christmas Lights are sparkling. Carols are playing (when I am in the store. Shane and Daryl: It's carol season.). The table and shelves are heaving with fantastic gifts that we have sourced locally and from the US or Europe. And of course, the bicycles are all polished up and ready to fill someone's life with joy for years to come. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone at Blackwell and Sons this holiday season.