Pashley Penny


Pashley Penny


From the very first time you set eyes on the Penny you know that it is a wholly unique bicycle.

The flowing multi-tube frame, inspired by Pashley’s traditional ladies’ town cycles, exudes beauty and elegance, and the choice of subtle matte paintwork adds an understated beauty that complements its unrivalled stylings.


Willow Green or Dusk Blue

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The Penny is designed specifically for comfort and versatility, and this is reflected in the components that grace this unique bicycle. The hand-made Brooks leather saddle gradually shapes to your form, becoming a truly custom product and offering the quality support of over 100 years of manufacturing experience.

For more rural rides, the Sturmey Archer hub brakes and gears are sealed off from the elements and perform reliably in all conditions, while the full-length mudguards keep you clean and splash-free whatever the weather. All this makes the Penny a refined alternative to the modern hybrid bicycle, combining Pashley’s traditional values with the very best contemporary design and componentry. 


Willow Green or Dusk Blue


Sturmey Archer 5 speed, low maintenance XRD-5(W) hub gear with thumb shifter control.
Multi-tube hand-built frame with braze-ons for attachment of a rear carrier.
Lugged crown with CrMo blades.
Aged brown Brooks B67s natural leather saddle with tie detailing and twin coil springs.
Alloy flat bar with slight back-sweep on an alloy and stainless steel stem.
Sturmey Archer all-weather, low maintenance front and rear hub brakes.
26" polished alloy rims with stainless steel spokes.
26x1 3/4" Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres with extra puncture protection and reflective side walls.
Rounded profile steel guards with rear reflector.
Alloy body with non-slip rubber inserts.
Crankset: Stronglight crankset (46T).
Protective chainguard, mini ding-dong bell, cork compound grips, quick-release micro-adjust seatpost.
Small (19" - suitable for an inside leg between 28-34").


Sturmey Archer hub gears provide the perfect match for a classic bike like the Penny. Easy to use with a light shifting lever, the five speed gears allow you to relax and enjoy your ride.


The Penny features an aged natural leather Brooks sprung saddle, with elegant leather tie detailing. Ideal for country rides, the saddle springs will absorb the bumps so you don’t have to!



  1. Sweeping multi-tube frame with relaxed riding position: Unique duplex-tube frame, giving a comfortable ride and unmistakable style. Features frame mounts for retro-fit of a rear carrier. Hand-built with an attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess.

  2. Soft touch cork grips: with ergonomic shaping these soft-touch cork-compound grips provide added comfort and secure handling whilst cycling.

  3. Small 'ding-dong' bell: a dainty ding-dong bell which sounds an elegant little 'ding-dong' to politely let pedestrians know you are arriving.

  4. Classic 5 speed hub Gears: With an easy-shift gear lever, they allow you to tackle hills and glide along gracefully on flatter terrain with ease. Fully enclosed gear system that requires minimal maintenance.

  5. Reflectors for added visibility: front, rear, pedal and tyre reflectors all help to keep you safer on the road at night.

  6. Low maintenance hub brakes and gears: enclosed and sealed from all weathers, hub brakes and gears are long-lasting and robust and provide excellent stopping power come rain or shine.

  7. Corrosion resistant painted steel mudguards: withstanding the rough and bumps of everyday use, they protect you from mud and water splashes, providing all-weather practicality.

  8. Traditional Brooks B67s aged sprung leather saddle: Aged natural leather saddle with elegant tie detailing. Ideal for country rides, absorbing the bumps as you go. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the softer aged leather makes this saddle comfortable from day one and allows the saddle to breathe and form to your shape over time. With handy rear luggage loops.

  9. Quick-release seatpost with saddle micro-adjustment: Allows saddle height to be adjusted and secured with ease and without the need for tools. Fine-tuning of the saddle position and angle can also be achieved for improved/individual comfort.

  10. Protective chainguard: a streamlined chainguard that protects you from greasy oil marks, and helps prevent your attire from catching in the chain.

  11. Robust tyres with extra puncture protection and reflective side-walls: Hard-wearing tyres with secure tread design and an inner SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber that offers extra resistance to shards of glass and pins. A reflective band around the circumference of the tyre walls provide extra visibility after dark.